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So, what does it mean to become a FIT graduate?

By doing this course, you will learn the technical skills to fastrack you to a successful IT career. Just as importantly, expect that you will gain experience and self-confidence.

• You will have on-going support from your trainers.

• You will earn IT qualifications that carry national recognition, as well as the all-important recognition by the IT industry.

• You will have an opportunity during the course to visit some IT companies, and, towards the end of the course, you will be offered an opportunity to participate on a FIT Internship Programme.

• During the internship, you may be placed on an internship for several weeks with an IT company, where you can sample life as an IT professional, and begin to make decisions about where you would like to begin your career.

Ultimately, you will take charge of your own career. In the meantime, you are about to take part in one of the most progressive and exciting training projects in Northern Ireland.

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